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Shot in the middle of a Morrocan desert at the location of "Lawrence of Arabia" with blistering daytime and freezing night-time temperatures, our four-man team worked tirelessly for a five 22-Hour days to achieve this effect.

With a high level of inherent risk, we were required to get as much of the effect in-camera. Although time had been allowed for post production the deadline was so tight that any time we could save in physical effects would be of great advantage later.

With only two perfect cars to work with, we were required to create a snake-like skin in the Toyota rally livery for the car to shed on-cue. These were created as latex jackets at our workshops. Other cut-away shots were done with many seperate fibreglass panels moulded directly from the cars supplied and rigged to operate. To allow further takes the next day our team had to work through the night to prepare extra latex-clad panels.

To enhance the drama of the rally driving sequences porous bags were rigged to the aerofoil at the rear of the car to produce billowing clouds of fine dust. 

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