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TNT Micros

Imagine ten burly men struggling to lift an air-freight case into a service lift of a New York studio in a 75degree freak December heatwave and you have some idea of the amount of work involved in producing this beatifully atmospheric ident.

Built from lightweight materials over two weeks at our workshops in Teddington, this set based on the TNT logo, covered roughly 5m x 4m but took two men only three hours to erect. The expertise and team spirit of the crew produced a stunning result. With smoke and some creative lighting effects the scene gave the impression of an industrial environment. As the time-pieces moved along the conveyor belt the massive lens in forground magnified and inverted the images on the clock faces reading "MICROS" -the programme title.

swcfx, awards, special effects, mtv, steve wilsher, model maker

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