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Right Guard

When the offer of this job came-up our client was adamant that we had to be the only company to tackle it (see our logo!). "We want you to do a Moses and part the waves" they said.

The most logical solution for us was to build a 1000 gallon steel tank in our own film studio to avoid any costly transportation and lengthy set-up time at another location. We did, of course, check-out the foundations of the building first as this equated to 10,000lbs of water.

With a massive 3-phase pump cadged from the National Physical Laboratory and some inventive though complex plumbing, we parted the waves as a scaled sequence and to add to the illusion we built an identical model of the marble hall surrounding the pool where the location shoot took place.

swcfx, awards, special effects, mtv, steve wilsher, model maker

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