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Assosiated Projects - Hydrox Solutions 'ELIMINATOR'


The Hydrox Eliminator system has been proven to reduce diesel particulate emissions by 22% in real life conditions at the government recognised

Millbrook testing facility.

In controlled and fully documented, independant tests conducted at Millbrook, this hydrogen-on-demand device reduced cacinogenic particulate emissions from an already-efficient euro 5-diesel truck engine consistently by an additional 22%.

Over the last 5 years, Hydrox has developed it’s ‘Eliminator’ system to the point where it is no bigger than a large truck battery and can be easily retro-fitted and scaled to any diesel engine, regardless of size.


It’s success is due in large measure to the development of a unique and sophisticated computerised control system which ensures the efficient and reliable running of the unit with minimal maintenance over extended periods.

For more information about the Hydrox Solutions 'ELIMINATOR'  follow the link below

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