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Deadlines do come shorter than this - but not much! 

Based on a 4.8m diameter this 1:20 scale model of a circus was designed on the run. The high-tech feel was achieved by repetitive elements of fine architecture and a high level of detail on every surface. The set was shot motion-control to enable live-action footage of Siberian tigers (shot in Rome the week before) to be combined in post-production.

In order to speed construction time, as many elements as possible were cut on a computer controlled laser machine which additionaly guaranteed absolute accuracy. The overhead lighting gantry however, was fully practical and lovingly hand crafted. 24 low-voltage halogen lamps lit the main arena but sections of the self-supporting roof had to be removable to allow for the camera rig and other lighting access. The seating area was painted green to allow for the computer mapping of crowd scenes in post production. All the animal action happened within an acrylic dome in the centre of the model scaled to match the live-action shots.

The combined effect of live-action and a large highly detailed model gave the desired impression of immense proportion.

swcfx, awards, special effects, mtv, steve wilsher, model maker

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